Impact Hub envisions a future where each individual and organization will take courageous and mindful action, and use their potential to create positive impact. We create spaces that inspire, connect, and empower people to move from intention to impact. Each action we take in support of our community is rooted in our core values of inclusion, trust, courage, and collaboration.

Times like these challenge us and remind us what we stand for:
1) We condemn all actions that divide our community, prohibit justice, incite fear, encourage violence or halt progress towards sustainable, inclusive, and positive impact for all - whether they come from a guest in our space or an entity with amassed power. Impact Hub is not a policy or political organization—nor do we have the expertise or the resources to act like one; however, we do clearly reject recent actions by the new U.S. administration that negatively affect the well-being of our community and the communities that we support. This includes the immigration ban, Mexico border wall, Keystone XL and Dakota Access oil pipelines advancement, and more.

2) We stand for the empowerment of everyone fighting for human equity, cultural prosperity, the protection of our environment, our health and well-being, the right to education, the freedom of our press, and all forward progress that creates sustainable, inclusive, and positive impact for all people. We empower these leaders, who exist in every geography, sector, political party, and role in our society.

Through our work, we’ve witnessed the immense power of individuals and organizations standing up for positive impact. The work of our community - staff, members, partners and friends - has affected change at the individual, community, city, state, national and international level. Their work spans a diverse spectrum: growing the global field of impact investing, creating new standards for business, raising millions to support social enterprises, empowering small businesses, preserving affordable housing, increasing access for people of color in technology, setting standards for sustainable apparel, disrupting media, growing the sharing economy, creating solutions for low-income residents, raising awareness of our justice system and improving reentry for returning citizens, building cooperatives in low-income communities, creating a just and equitable food system, fundraising through art and music, and much more. The collective work of this community, and so many other communities, continues to lay a strong foundation of what’s possible for our shared future.

To realize a positive future, we recommit ourselves to you in the face of unprecedented challenges. Impact Hub’s doors are open as an inclusive and supportive local community headquarters - a space to plan, to connect, to break bread, to learn, to work, to rejuvenate, and to forge ahead with the most important work of our times.

Today, we believe it is critical to start by taking a stand. By taking a stand, we voice an intention. By voicing an intention, we are called to take action. By taking action, we move to create impact. A movement of people creating positive impact will change the world. For that reason, we ask you to stand with us.

Participate in the #WeStand Project
Tell us: What do you stand for and why? We will be collecting responses to create a community-generated #WeStand resource to inspire, connect and empower our community to courageous action. Your responses will additionally inform programming and opportunities at our Impact Hub locations for 2017.

With love & respect,
Impact Hub NYC, Impact Hub San Francisco, Impact Hub Berkeley, Impact Hub DC

*Our four Impact Hub locations are a part of the Mission Hub family. We’re proud to be in a network of 80+ Impact Hub locations around the world. We encourage you to discover and connect with your local Impact Hub community space.






Impact Hub NYC is local community space that connects change agents to the resources they need to accelerate their impact. We'd love to support your work.