Cities of the world, UNITE! (1)


Cities of the World, UNITE! Interactive Happy Hour

We invite you to unwind and transition from the work week into the weekend at Impact Hub NYC, a co-working space for radicals, rebels, and revolutionaries.
The happy hour will gather NYC’s most innovative changemakers in an informal and inspiring space, as we get to know each other with an interactive art/tech activity led by Art of Everyone. We will also host an information session about the upcoming Ouishare Fest in Paris this July.
Art of Everyone is designed to bridge the gap between art, people & communities, with multiple people painting with the artists. What’s more, there is no artistic experience needed, nor is there any age limit. A totally unique way to experience the arts with an extremely high level of consumer engagement.
OuiShare Fest brings together entrepreneurs, urbanists, activists and decision makers from across the globe to lay the foundations of the future of cities.
Our sustainable wine list is curated by fine wine specialist, Lauren McPhate, of Tribeca Wine Merchants.

Cities of the world, UNITE! (1)

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Date & Time

April 21 | 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Impact Hub NYC


Updated on 04 April 2017