ReThinkLinkNYC: Privacy in the Age of the “Smart City” Workshop Description

100 Days of Impact with RethinkLinkNYC


RethinkLinkNYC was created in response to the new LinkNYC program built, owned, and operated by CityBridge (a consortium owned by Google’s parent company). LinkNYC’s free WiFi kiosks are payed for by revenue from targeted ads chosen via an algorithmically-derived audience profile created with information that the kiosks collect from their users. RethinkLinkNYC members believe this program needs to be rethought, and quickly; free WiFi should really be free, and citizens—not corporations—must have the freedom to decide if, when and how their data is used.

RethinkLinkNYC’s demands include:

•Immediate halting of LinkNYC kiosk construction; New York City and CityBridge profess that the program is in the beta phase—let’s give New Yorkers a chance to weigh in on its design before installation continues

•Input from user-centered interaction designers who can modify kiosks to ensure that they contribute to New York City’s vital community fabric

•A clear procedure for New Yorkers to provide feedback on the LinkNYC project during its beta phase

•Clarification of the LinkNYC terms of use
In March of this year, the New York Civil Liberties Union wrote a letter to Mayor de Blasio asking for more information about LinkNYC’s data retention and sharing policies but has not yet received an answer…

•The creation of a Citizen’s Review Board to oversee any further Link kiosk development

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Date & Time

March 24 | 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Updated on 17 March 2017