Fundamentals of Programming – Introduction to Web Development

100 Days of Impact with Codesmith


The best way to learn how to code is to build with code.

Understand the latest web technologies and programming fundamentals by building an anonymous video app from scratch in this 1 hour session.

Getting a role at Facebook or Google is not easy, nor is finding a technical co-founder. However, there are specific tools and subtle hacks to help you secure the most fulfilling roles in tech and get your tech venture off the ground.

We’ll go through the core concepts of programming in this talk, Q&A session and workshop:

• Get your terminology down: front end v back end, the difference between an SDK and an API (even many engineers don’t know this)

• Understand what mentalities are needed to succeed in tech, what do software engineers and product managers really care about

• Build an anonymous video chat app and learn programming fundamentals – and share it with your friends and recruiters

Join Impact Hub NYC from noon-1pm every weekday between Jan 23rd and May 1st for free workshops in direct response to Trump’s first 100 days plan. “100 Days of Impact” is daily workshops run by the best organizations in NYC doing work on issues impacted by the policies of the new administration. The purpose is for attendees to learn about an issue that will be impacted, what is currently being done to fight back, and how individuals can take action and help make a difference. Learn more about the program and our list of workshops at

Workshop participants are invited to stay and work from Impact Hub NYC for the rest of the day for free.

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Date & Time

April 26 | 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Updated on 31 March 2017