The Impact Hub NYC team looks forward to welcoming you into our space. Below you’ll find some important details about your rental and a few FAQs to help you get the most out of your time with us. You'll also want to complete these two important next steps:
  • Make sure your contract is signed in a timely manner, otherwise we cannot guarantee space availability for your event!
  • Be sure to fill out this promotional link so we can help share your event with Impact Hub NYC members and larger community via our website, Facebook, Twitter, and bi-weekly newsletter! (It is best to fill this out at least 4 weeks prior to your event to ensure that our Communications Team has sufficient time to help spread the word.)
If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to be in touch:  events@impacthubnyc.com


What’s included in my rental?

  • One (1) event/venue staffers at all times for set-up, breakdown, and logistics questions throughout event. These people are familiar with our space and cannot be replaced by outside volunteers
  • WIFI. We have great wifi on a “Guest” network that you and your event attendees are welcome to use. We have 3 networks in total in the space, and capacity to expand bandwidth even further for hackathons and events that need greater internet usage, all included in your rental.
  • Basic A/V set-up: one 48” monitor, two microphones, speakers, mixer. Additional specs below.
  • Use of available chairs and tables in a variety of set-ups
    • We have ~75 chairs on each floor and additional seating for up to 100 can be arranged as needed.  The majority of chairs in our space are from the Herman Miller Sayl series, specially designed to be highly ergonomic with extremely minimal environmental impact. Convenient for flexible set-ups, and very comfortable for guests!
    • Each floor has 12 “petal” (oval-shaped) tables that measure 3’ x 5’ and at least 4 high-top blue circle tables. The 5th floor also has 20 square tables that are a mix of 2 ½’ x 2 ½‘ and 3’ x 3’ sizes.
    • All of our furniture is on wheels and our event staff will help remove unnecessary furniture from main event space. Take a peek through some previous event photos to get a sense of some different options available.
  • One (1) free consultation session with an experienced Event Coordinator to help you think through flow and experience of your event
  • One (1) free week of coworking to everyone who attends your event! You read that right;  Impact Hub NYC values the chance to connect with your unique community. We appreciate the opportunity to share this special offer with your attendees during a 2-minute intro speech at the beginning of your event and via email post-event.
  • Promotional/Marketing Assistance (optional): We can create a basic Eventbrite and host your event information and ticketing on our website, as well as promote your event to our Impact Hub NYC members and larger community via Facebook, Twitter, and our bi-weekly newsletter. If you are interested in this service, please be sure to fill out the promotional link at least 4 weeks before your event so that we have sufficient time to help spread the word!

What's NOT included?

  • Coffee – If you plan on serving coffee as part of your event, please work this out in advance with your caterer or food/beverage provider. Coffee/tea service for morning meetings can be arranged through the host desk for an additional fee.
  • Ice or Coolers – We do not have an ice machine or coolers in house; please make your own arrangements for ice (see suggested delivery vendors below). It can be fun to fill one of our deep basin sinks with ice and serve beverages from there in the kitchen; otherwise you may wish to also bring your own coolers.
  • Catering – Please arrange your own food, beverages, and catering-related services (see list of recommended caterers and food delivery services below).
  • Refrigerator Space – We’ll do our best to accommodate, but cannot promise availability.
  • A/V Technicians – We provide basic A/V equipment listed above in our standard set-up, but we do not provide technicians for the running of A/V throughout the event. We recommend sourcing additional A/V support (wireless mics, lapel mics, videography recording, technicians, etc.) via AV/NYC.
  • Laptop, mp3 player – For presentations on our flatscreen TV, please bring your own laptop (to connect to our TV monitor, we provide HDMI cord & thunderbolt converters only; please bring a different converter if ours will not work with your laptop). It’s easy to plug in most portable electronic devices to our speaker system to have background music as people are circulating; please plan on using your own device with playlist or streaming music service.
  • Guaranteed Access to Freight Elevator – See parameters in “deliveries” section below.
  • Workshop Accessories – If necessary, please bring your own easels, flipcharts, nametags, etc.
  • Coat check – We do not offer coat racks, hangers or coat check tags (we recommend your guests place coats on their chairs, or you may order coat check through Allboro Rentals)
  • Linens – To order tablecloths and other linens, we recommend Allboro Rentals.
  • Storage for event suppliesIf you have a special circumstance and need to arrange temporary overnight storage in our space, please check with your Event Coordinator ahead of time to see if we have available space for up to 48 hours.

Floor plans ? # of chairs / tables available?

Yes, please see floor plans with suggested set-ups for panels, workshops, both small & large gatherings. You can also check out our inventory of # of tables & chairs available.

Set-ups are absolutely flexible and can be customized to your event; think of these designs as suggestions & inspiration 🙂

Set-up time?

The Impact Hub is a busy workspace Monday-Friday until 6pm. For evening events, you will not be able to set-up until AFTER 6pm. If you anticipate needing more time for set-up, please speak with your Event Coordinator in advance. It is generally possible for a few members of your team to arrive at 5:30pm to begin loading in supplies and scoping out the space, but our event team won’t begin rearranging furniture until 6pm sharp.

For full-day events, typical set-up time begins at 8am. Please make other arrangements specifically with your Event Coordinator.

A/V equipment?

Your rental includes usage of the basic A/V equipment that is in our space: each floor is equipped with one 48” monitor, two corded microphones, speakers, and one mixer. Our event hosts will be able to help you with the basic turning on/off of this equipment but we do not provide audio technician services throughout the event.

For additional equipment (cordless handheld microphones, lav/lapel mics, larger or additional TV monitors, projectors, screens, etc.) we recommend contacting our friends at AV/NYC who work with us frequently and can provide excellent additional services at reasonable costs. Contact: peter@avnyc.com – 212.464.8754

Can I serve ALCOHOL at my event?

If you are planning on having alcohol at your event, it may only be served by a licensed bartender or catering company. The event organizer is responsible for getting all proper licenses. Under no circumstances may clients charge guests or ask for donations for alcohol inside Impact Hub NYC. It is the responsibility of the event organizer to ensure that all guest attendees are over 21 with proper identification.

Caterer recommendations?

We absolutely welcome outside caterers in our space! You may also bring your own simple snack set-up and use the basic items we have available in our kitchen. (For large events, caterers may wish to arrange a site visit beforehand; please have them contact us directly.)

  • Bhagavat Life, Info@BVTLife.com, (646) 571-0710 (A member in our space, delicious Ayurvedic food!)
  • The Cleaver Company, cleaver@cleaverco.com, (212) 741-9174 (Professional, spectacular fare)
  • Call Chef Services, callchefservices@gmail.com, (718) 734-1559 (Jamaican-inspired barbecue, funded via Kiva Zip)
  • Ango NYC, louisa@angonyc.com, (318) 773-2234
  • Great Performances, shaun.roberts@greatperformances.com, (212) 337-6074
  • TopNotch Staffing, topnotchstaffingnyc@gmail.com, (508) 333-4304 (ability for catering and licensed bartender hires)
  • One Hope Wine, Discount cases of wine, 50% of profits are donated back to charity & social impact. For special IHNYC packages, contact Kailyn White, kailyn@onehopewine.com, (856) 994-2488.
  • For simple food delivery, try EZCater

Know of another great caterer that should be on this list? Let us know!

Set-up of space?

It’s a good idea to check out the floor plans and/or arrange a site visit at least 2 weeks before your event to get a sense of different set-up options available. You can also take a peek through some previous event photos for inspiration. Plan to check-in with your event coordinator ~48 hours before your event to finalize set-up details.

Fridge? Ice/coffee? Plates/cups/etc?

  • REFRIGERATOR SPACE: Room-temperature food is recommended as we have limited refrigerator space. There is one large refrigerator in the kitchen on each floor that is normally more than 60% occupied with our standard member/coworking food supplies. Events are welcome to use any additional fridge space on the day of your event, but we cannot guarantee availability.
  • ICE/COFFEE: Impact Hub NYC does not provide ice or coffee, but you are welcome to bring ice to chill drinks or use whatever (limited) additional space is available our refrigerator/freezer during the event. We do not have coolers, but event organizers are encouraged to bring them into the space if you anticipate needing lots of ice for your event.
  • SUSTAINABLE PARTY SUPPLIES: Event organizers are responsible for bringing all parties supplies (cups, plates, napkins, utensils, etc.) into the space and removing them at the end of your event. *Please consider the earth when you are planning your event!* There are a number of sustainable ways to meet your event needs; we recommend Susty Party as a great resource! Please note that plastic water bottles and styrofoam are not permitted in our space. Impact Hub NYC has some compostable cups available for use.

Add'l event supplies recommendations?

Yep, for general party supplies, try:

And for other food & beverages, check out:


For large deliveries, you will need to use our freight elevator. The freight elevator operates Monday – Friday, 10am – 1pm and 2pm – 5pm, excluding holidays. (Weekend usage of the freight elevator must be organized at least one week prior to your event date and will incur an additional hourly rate.) To use the freight:

  • The freight elevator is located at the rear of our building, 394 Cortlandt Alley, between Walker & White Streets
  • Please buzz one time and wait for our Superintendent James to arrive (if necessary, please call Superintendent James, 917-690-9684)
  • For large items, please make sure they will fit in our freight elevator (dimensions H 8’ x L 7’ x W 4’ with doorway H 6’6” x W 3’3”)

For small deliveries, it’s easiest to use our main elevator (dimensions H 6’5” x L 5’ x W 32” with doorway 6’1” x 29”; weight limit 1500 lbs).

Deliveries & packages?

In short: yes, but only within the week of your event. You must email delivery details to event contact in advance (time and # of items expected). All deliveries must arrive, and be removed, within 3 days of your event as Impact Hub NYC does not provide storage space for events.

Please address all packages to:

Liz Maxwell


Impact Hub NYC

394 Broadway, 5th floor

New York, NY 10013

After your event, please pack and prep (with appropriate shipping labels) all items to be picked up and leave them near the host desk; Impact Hub NYC does not provide packing or shipping services.

Janitorial services?

The scope of the janitorial service is to provide trash removal before, during and after the event in addition to event clean up maintenance during the event. Event Organizer may incur extra janitorial costs for weekend events, or weekly events that go past 11pm.

We expect the kitchen and event space to be in a clean condition when you leave. You can follow these guidelines when cleaning up:

  • Wipe down the counters where food was served (cleaning solution is under the sink).
  • We encourage you to take any leftover food and beverages home with you at the end of your event. If you prefer to leave a small amount of leftover food/beverages for our members the following day, please notify your event host so that the food can be properly labeled and stored.
  • Handy tip: take a photo of the room before setting up so you can use it for reference when cleaning up.

Courier services?

We’ve had positive experiences with Deluxe Delivery as a courier/messenger service before. 212-376-4500.

For food delivery, we often use Max Delivery, 1-Hour delivery service in TriBeCa (please select “Reusable Bags” during checkout to minimize waste). TIP: This is a great place to order ice if needed!

How to arrive?

Impact Hub NYC is located at 394 Broadway; New York, NY 10013, in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan. 394 Broadway is two blocks south of Canal St. between Walker and White Streets. (Click here to view on GoogleMaps and get directions from wherever you are.)

From the five boroughs, you can take most subways to Canal Street. We are located 2 blocks south of Canal St. N/Q/R/J/Z/6 trains, and a <10 minute walk from Canal St. A/C/E and Canal St. 1 trains.

If you are driving, click here for nearby Tribeca parking lots, listed on GoogleMaps.

Social media connect?

Absolutely! If you tag our social accounts during events, we’d love to share, repost, and retweet to amplify your event happenings to an even wider audience.

You can find us with a Follow on Twitter and Instagram, and share the love with a Like on Facebook.


Absolutely, we have great WiFi in our space. We can provide this information on signs around the space on the day of your event, but if you are also circulating information to your guests in advance you can share the following connection info:

Network: ImpactHUBnyc_guest
Password: whynotjoin?

For hackathons, we do have additional networks and plenty of bandwidth available – please let us know in advance if you anticipate going beyond normal WiFi usage.

Is ______ allowed?

Here’s a short list of prohibited items in Impact Hub NYC space:

  • Smoking and/or flames of any type (this includes, but is not limited to: candles, lighters, chafing or heating dished used in catering, lamp, sterno, etc.)
  • Bottled water and/or styrofoam products
  • Pets/animals
  • Roof access

Day-of event checklist?

Here’s a quick check-list of things to make sure you have with you on the day of your event!


What to Bring:

  • Laptop for audio/visual connection (presentations, slides) to connect with the TV monitor (We provide HDMI cord & thunderbolt converter only, so please bring a different converter if ours will not work with your laptop)
  • Zip drive with presentations and slides as a backup
  • Check-in preparations
    • Pre-printed guest list for manual check-in, or iPads for electronic check-in
    • Check-in volunteers for two entrances (elevator and stairwell)
  • Food, drink & eco-friendly party supplies (see sources above): ice and compostable/disposable food/drink supplies (cocktail napkins, cocktail plates, flatware)

What to Expect

  • Arrive promptly for your set-up time (usually 1 hour in advance)
  • Audio/visual check starts at the beginning of your setup time
  • Furniture & catering setup starts next
  • Check-in setup for greeting guests happens last – make sure you have 1-2 team members to greet participants

Do you really share a free week of coworking with everyone who attends?

Yes, as a thank you for hosting your event in our space, we’d love to offer a free-week membership to all of your event attendees. Here is some suggested text you’re welcome to use in your event invites and/or thank you notes:

Impact Hub NYC is a coworking & events space for a membership community of entrepreneurs, activists, creatives, and professionals taking action to drive positive social and environmental change. We invite you to experience it firsthand and sign up for a free week: impacthubnyc.com/freeweek

Aren’t there Impact Hubs all over the world? What’s the story?

Impact Hub is a shared workspace, events platform and local/global community network for individuals who believe in the power of collaboration and innovative business solutions to accelerate social change. The first Impact Hub was founded in London in 2005 and has evolved into a rapidly expanding global network of over 8,000 professional members in 50 shared workspaces (and growing) – from Amsterdam to Johannesburg, Singapore to Mexico City.  Through our global association and the shared principles of innovation, collaboration and courageous action, we are building a movement.  We believe that a better world can be created through the combined accomplishments of compassionate, creative and committed individuals focused on a common purpose – taking a leadership role towards our shared future and making a positive impact.